While preparing for your day with Tofino Fishing Adventures, there are a few things to know before you leave the dock. What to bring, what to wear, and of course what to do with your catch!


KNOW Before You Go



Make sure you have your Saltwater Fishing License and Salmon Conservation Stamp (important if you wish to retain Salmon). These are available online and must be brought with you on your charter. If you need assistance with printing then do not hesitate to ask (or often the front desk of your resort will print for you). If you still have not got your license as we leave the dock then we can stop at Method Marine in Tofino to obtain one, but it will cut in to your time on the water and they do charge a $5 processing fee on top of your license fee.

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We are surrounded by a rainforest, and the weather around Tofino can go from fog, to rain, to hot sun in a matter of minutes so it is best to dress appropriately. Tofitian’s dress in layers. Bring a rain jacket and/or wind breaker, warm sweater or fleece, and closed toed shoes or rubber boots are preferred… There is plenty of covered dry storage on the boat. Don’t forget your sunglasses, hat, sunscreen and your camera!



Water is provided via filtered freshwater tanks onboard. As we are committed to cutting down the use single plastics where and when we can, please bring a reusable water bottle and we can fill it up for you as often as you need it!



We are more than happy to arrange a boxed lunch for you to bring onboard, but if you do want to pack a lunch or snack we will provide you with a cooler to use, or you can use our on board fridge! Simple hand held snacks, fruit, sandwiches are easiest to deal with when you are on the water. As this is a private charter, you may bring any alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks along. We do, however, encourage drinking 'responsibly' as too much can not only hinder your experience, but also can encourage motion sickness.  



The elephant in the room. It can happen to anyone from the most experienced mariner, to the completely new to the ocean folks. If you are or feel you may be prone to motion sickness we are happy to suggest some preventative methods to help you plan in advance and prevent the onset.

After Your Trip

After your day on the water, don't forgot to grab all your belongings before you leave the boat. Depending on the length of your charter, you will notice you may have sea legs for the rest of the day so you might feel like you are still on the water. Don't worry it'll pass... we live on a sailboat so are used to it! A few things to think about while your wrapping up.



We fully support catch and release but if you wish to retain your catch, your Guide will filet all bottom fish and dress all salmon during your charter. From here, your catch can go to one of the processing companies in town for further trimming, portioning, vacuum sealing and packaging. Alternatively, you may bring your own cooler to transport your fresh catch. If you require styrofoam coolers, these can be purchased in Tofino. We are more than happy to provide salt ice for your coolers.

  • West Pacific Seafoods 250.725.2244
  • Trilogy Fish Company 250.725.2233
  • St. Jeans Cannery 1.866.754.3191



If you enjoyed your experience on the water, or feel there was something you needed to share about your experience, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Feedback is the only way we can improve our service and we are determined to make sure your experience was memorable. Either contact us directly or head over to TripAdvisor and tell us how we did. Thanks!

Adam, the skipper and guide for TFA, took our group of 7 ( 3 adults, and 4 tween/teens) for a HUGE fishing adventure out of Tofino, BC on his very fast and comfortable boat. Not only did we catch the biggest salmon of our lives (HUGE 20lber, a 18lber and another fish big enough to feed us all for 3 days), we caught many others that we set free, and several big ones just gottaway (bit right through the line!). A lovely surprise- we got a feast of dungeness crabs too. The shore/sea birds were an added bonus: murres, shearwaters, osprey, bald eagles, cormorants, oyster catchers, gulls, sanderling, auklets and murrelets. We had a GREAT day. 3 thumbs up to this newly outfitted boat and its skipper.
— Christina J, Ohio